Guest post: crucial missed steps when testing new websites

Building and launching websites and web applications is never an easy process – it never seems to fail that something breaks just as the site launches or moments after. It’s happened to me a few times – but this post from the folks at QASymphony walk you through some steps to watch out for.

large__7111759243While the web development and software testing process continues to improve and evolve, there will always be those key steps that testers tend to overlook. When it comes to developing a website, it’s important to remember that usability is key. And ensuring usability means testing your site again and again. You can build a great website, but it means nothing if the end user can’t navigate it.

Here are just a few common steps that can have disastrous results if overlooked:

  • Developing a detailed testing plan
  • Documenting every step of the build
  • Having a backup system
  • Designing a search box
  • Seamless navigation and site structure
  • Consistent interface design
  • Forgetting to test the site in different environments
  • Ensuring the design layout is consistent in all browsers
  • Giving every page a title tag and meta description
  • Checking URLs
  • Testing security features

These steps might seem obvious, but they’re often forgotten. Setting objectives, documenting process and reporting, tracking results, creating a secure testing environment, and executing usability testing before go­live are just a few of the critical components that are a part of a detailed testing plan. Within each component, certain steps get lost when testing new websites. And it’s often because there are too many details for testing teams to focus on.

Testing usually takes up the bulk of time spent on website development. It’s important to have a check­list, and a standard set of measures to test against before getting started, but even then, keeping reports of every success and failure can feel next to impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down the time spent on testing, and documentation with innovative software that automates these processes, saving time and helping to prevent missteps.

QASymphony, a provider of test management platforms for agile development, is a leading industry expert in regards to agile testing software and development industry. Agile development has revolutionized the way software is built today. Development cycles are shorter, there is less process and documentation, and more focus on collaboration and interaction. Many of their software and services can help your team ensure that all of the crucial steps of the testing process are complete.

When developing and testing new websites, ensure that you have a detailed plan beforehand in order to capture your results and make sure each objective is met. You should also take advantage of new software and services to help save time during testing and to prevent missteps.

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