JBoye ’11 Conference Call for Proposals

imgres.jpegIf you’re looking for a different conference to attend in 2011, I would highly recommend checking out the annual J.Boye Conference, which is being held in Philadelphia May 3-5, 2011. They also hold an annual conference in Denmark for my European friends.

Quick sidenote: Hey Janus and Lau: how about an invite to come to Aarhaus next year? 🙂

I attended and spoke at this conference last year and found it to be very, very informative. We were going through a CMS selection process at the time, so having access to high-level executives from several CMS companies in the US and Europe was very helpful. I also had a chance to network with people from many professions, including someone who was there from the Cleveland Clinic, just up the road from John Carroll. I even went to talk with staff at the Clinic about cloud technologies. Win, win!

The sessions themselves were also very good, and while not strictly a higher ed conference, there was a higher education track and higher ed speakers in the other tracks as well.

Here’s a bit from an email I received recently from J.Boye regarding what they’re looking for in next year’s program.

  • Have you made a substantial change in the way your organization is communicating online in terms of design, user involvement or internal processes? Present your results on our tracks on User Experience, Online Communication, Web Project Management or Online Strategy.
  • Is your intranet making a real and measurable impact on business or have you experimented with new social features that could be showcased on the intranet track?
  • Have you navigated through the complex challenges for online managers in either higher education or the health sector?
  • Have you gone through a vendor selection- or implementation process and have insider views to share on our track dedicated to web content management?

The call for proposals for next year’s conference is now open, if you’re interested. Check it out here.

1 thought on “JBoye ’11 Conference Call for Proposals”

  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word. I really appreciate the positive feedback.

    Our focus is really on Philly in May now and on implementing quite a few improvements to make it an even better conference.

    With that said, if you can make it to Aarhus in Denmark (not Belgium) in November 2011, it would be great to have you on the program.

    Cheers, Janus

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