The Power of Thank You


As I was reading Andrew Careaga’s blog this morning about five ways to “pay it forward” in the social mediasphere, I realized there’s one more thing I would add to the list. It works in not only the social media world, but the real world as well.

Say thank you to someone today. Tell them you appreciate them, their work, their effort, their contributions, their leadership, anything. It takes just a moment and has a very powerful effect.

DSC04368If you want to go all out, that’s fine too. A communications professor this week dropped off homemade chicken curry for us this week as a thank you for extra effort we put in on a project she’s managing. A colleague in our admissions office once brought us cookies with web terms iced on them. Two of the presidents here have taken a moment from their insanely busy schedule to send personal notes to me thanking me for my work (one was even hand-written on paper.)

Those are all very nice touches that make us feel appreciated, and if you have the time to make an effort like that, it’s great. Sometimes though, a simple thank you is a powerful thing.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Thank You”

  1. Hi Mike … great post about “thank you’s”! It reminds me of the Thank You notes that I write every year after the eduWeb Conference. Some years, it’s close to 90, but usually around 60 or so. I write to all the presenters, exhibitors and sponsors … the attendees are critical as well … but I try to speak and thank a lot of them when I see them at the conference. Those handwritten Thank You notes mean a lot to me but also to others that I’ve heard from, that they appreciate such a traditional approach and lost forgotten medium to appreciate those who help make you a success!

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