It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife

Here’s a video I found detailing all the tools available for musicians to reach, sell, promote and connect with people in this digital, connected age.

I was watching it today and was struck by how much of this applies to higher ed marketing and communications.

The key takeaway here, especially in our world, is this:

“What might be just as effective as everything mentioned in this video is to get off your couch, shut off the computer, call some people you know who know about up and coming music, or go to your local venue which features up and coming artists and actually interact with human beings. Meet people in person. Get their instantaneous reaction, live. And one by one, build fans the old fashioned way: direct, human interaction.”

The amount of tools we have today to communicate and connect with each other is mind-boggling.

It’s easy to forget about the importance of the one-to-one conversation in today’s million miles an hour communication cycles. We get very focused on our Facebook fan pages and Foursquare tours but sometimes forget that no one comes to your school because of your great Foursquare badges or your tweets.

I’m not sure what the message here is, other than don’t get stuck wearing blinders and forget about the old-fashioned ways we communicate – you know – the ones that have worked for thousands of years.

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