Adobe joins TypeKit to offer very nice web fonts

I’ve blogged a few times in the past about typography on the web and the various struggles to make it look good – or as good print. Personally, I’ve found Google’s Font API very easy to use and there’s a decent selection of free typefaces there to choose from. I blogged about it here.

One of the services that has some pretty high profile people behind it is TypeKit.

I’ve tried TypeKit’s service on a few sites and it makes selecting and embedding fonts, weights and other variations on type very easy. The pricing is very reasonable, and you get access to quite a large library of professional typefaces – no cheap web knock-off fonts here.

What piqued my interest yesterday is that TypeKit has announced that they’ve teamed up with Adobe to offer their fonts as part of TypeKit. You’ll get very popular fonts from Adobe like Garamond, Myriad, Trajan and more. According to the blog post, all these fonts have been updated and tweaked to look good on the web.

Here’s a peek:

$100 a year gets you access to all these as well as anything else in the TypeKit library. Serving 500,000 page views or less a month, plans are also available at $25 and $50 USD per year for access.

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