What are people sharing from your site?

It’s become very easy to add sharing tools to just about any page on your website, and I’d recommend you do that.

Our goal as web shepherds is to make it easy for our users to not only find information on our sites, but share that information with others.

At my college, we’ve been using the AddThis service for several months. I like the amount of customization that AddThis gives me, and I especially like the analytic data that AddThis shares.

Last night was the first chance I really had to dig into that data. And what I saw surprised me. The service users are utilizing the most? Twitter? Facebook? No. Printing.

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 11.42.02 PM

I try not to print too much, but sometimes I find myself needing some information. If you haven’t yet set up a print style sheet, check out this post by Nick DeNardis over at EduGuru.

1 thought on “What are people sharing from your site?”

  1. At first I was pretty surprised at the percentage of print “sharing”. But then checking out the location of your AddThis plug in it makes a lot of sense. Having it in one consistent spot definitely promotes its use. Nice Job!

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