Check me out on the Build Process podcast

First, a confession.

I’m not super into podcasts. I’m not saying they’re bad, I think they’re great. I think it stems from the fact that I hosted one for Allegheny College for a few years when podcasts were just becoming a thing. I loved hosting them, and doing interviews for them. I think we had some great episodes¬† but since that time, I haven’t found a lot of time to devote to listening to them and felt kind of burnt out on the whole thing.

Build Process LogoWhat I do like are podcasts that have a set time every week. I can devote a half hour to a podcast if I know it’s going to have a set start and end time each week. I’ve seen some weekly podcasts that are two and three hours, and wonder how many regular viewers listen to the entire episode every week.

I say all that to say this: I like short podcasts. Lately, I’ve been listening to Michael Fienen’s Drunken UX podcast, especially the Build Process episodes. They’re 30 minute interviews with web developers and designers and are nice and short, but still full of good stories and information.

I was fortunate to be interviewed recently for a Build Process episode, and it’s now online and ready for you to consume while you commute, walk the dog, or take a break from work.

In the episode, we talk about my career, how I learned to make websites, projects I’ve enjoyed (and not), and what advice I’d have for people just starting out on their career in marketing and web. I think it came out great and am excited to share it with everyone. Check it out below!