Intranet Dashboard Is the Bomb Dot Com

In May of 2010, I spoke at the annual J. Boye conference in Philadelphia. It’s a great collection of technology users and leaders, not just in higher ed but healthcare, IT, government and more. I got to speak in small groups with several companies who produce intranet products, one of which was an Australian company, Intranet Dashboard.

Who is Intranet Dashboard?

We make it easier than ever before to create, deploy and manage an intranet, extranet or portal. Our unique intranet software is the foundation of your intranet.

Our software is easy to use, it was designed for the non technical user; and includes everything you need: the CMS, the database, the apps plus much more.

Just like vendors tend to do at conferences, they were giving away swag promotional items. Now, I’ve been to many a conference over the years, but they were the first ones I’ve seen giving away really nice embroidered baseball caps. I took one.

Since then, it has been my favorite hat. I’ve taken it on trips, gotten it dirty doing yard work, took it to England with me in 2014, and so on. It’s been through a lot. So much so that my wife told me it was time to get a new hat.

But I didn’t want a new hat. I wanted a new Intranet Dashboard hat. I figured they’d long since stopped making them, since that conference was nearly 5 years ago. I took a stab in the dark, and I tweeted.

Imagine my surprise when they tweeted back.

A few weeks later, a box arrived from Australia containing a brand new, fancy Intranet Dashboard baseball cap. I can’t thank them enough. I hope I’ve been able to give a small amount of brand awareness for you in my world travels. Thank you to all the nice folks at Intranet Dashboard, I really appreciate it!

Here’s proof I needed a new hat:

p.s. there are still a few seats available for this year’s J.Boye conference. You should definitely check it out.