Hyperlapse: a higher-ed marketing disruptor?

Hyperlapse App IconOn Tuesday, August 26, Instagram, owned by Facebook, released a new app called Hyperlapse, an app for taking long videos, compressing them and stabilizing the resulting video.

It’s really some pretty interesting technology, and it immediately got me thinking about ways to use this in higher ed. Events, campus visits, scenery, there are so many opportunities to use to create interesting, engaging videos. Best of all – you don’t have to have all sorts of fancy equipment, just your phone and the app. It really does a nice job of smoothing out the video and giving the user all sorts of speed options.

Here’s a quick example I took today with my phone, just walking around the statue of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and a new plaza we created on campus over the summer. You can see a non-square version on this Facebook post.

Intagram lowers the resolution a bit, but straight out of the camera you can see it’s full size. You can use this link if you’d like to download the video that came directly out of my iPhone 5 with no editing or color correction.

I’m starting to see some other schools jump on using this app as well. Here’s a video the University of Toledo posted today.

2 thoughts on “Hyperlapse: a higher-ed marketing disruptor?”

  1. I’ve been really impressed with how well Hyperlapse works. It really provides steady cam like functionality which up until now was only available with expensive production. I think there are some awesome great opportunities in the education realm like graduations, campus tours, big event, outings, conferences, and more. Its a brilliant way to sum up a large space or event.

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