The future of acceptance packets?

I was watching this video from Mashable about an ad in Entertainment Weekly that showed live tweets, which by itself is pretty cool. But the folks at Mashable tore the ad apart and found a fully-functioning Android smartphone inside. The video is embedded below:

That’s pretty neat. Expensive, most likely, but pretty neat.

It got me thinking that’d be a pretty neat trick to put on some enrollment materials, maybe acceptance packets or a piece a student receives after they deposit. Imagine if it had customized content (see that USB connector in there?) or was running tweets or other social media promotions geared towards that particular demographic (area, interest, age, gender, etc.).

What about a video welcome from your president, dean or other enrollment representative? The student’s personal admission counselor, or even current students personally welcoming the new student to campus. And since it’s a phone, it’s always connected and you could easily push it new content.

I don’t have a cost estimate, but would you pay $30-40 to help woo your most valuable students? I bet many institutions would.