2 thoughts on “SendGrid + WordPress = Happy Web Developer”

  1. Mike –

    As SendGrid’s community guy, I couldn’t be more appreciative of you sharing your experience with our service in such a thorough and helpful manner.

    Please let us know if you ever experience anything less than awesomeness with our products, and feel free to reach out with feedback, suggestions, feature requests, etc as needed.

    You can reach our developer relations team at community@sendgrid.com at any time, and we’ll help however we can. And of course, our support staff is available at support@sendgrid.com or via phone and live chat.

    Thanks again for your support and for being one of our beloved customers!


    Tim Falls
    @timfalls | @sendgrid ^tf

  2. Can you do a Video or a Step by Step Screenshot for How to Setup SendGrid with WP? SG has a few Videos on it’s Site but None specifically about WP Integration. I will happily share your Video with my Colleagues who would benefit from it as well. Thanks!

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