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I’ve been trying out the new Facebook timeline feature for my profile since before the holiday break. Now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, there are things I like about it and things I don’t. I like the header design, and the fact that you can get a lot of information about a person in a quick glance. Below the fold, so to speak, it goes a bit pear-shaped. It’s tough, when scrolling quickly, so see what’s newly posted and what’s older.

Some items are pinned to a center line with a dot, signifying their timing, but other boxes seem to float, such as the friends box and other information, such as recent tracks I’ve played in Spotify.

Anyways, as you can see above, one of the key parts of the Facebook timeline profile is the header graphic, which is something you can select. I must have gone through a dozen photos until I found the right one. In the end, I ended up tweaking it quite a bit in Photoshop to get it to fit just right. My photo is one I took when I was in Cardiff, Wales in 2009.

I would guess that in the next few months, as these become more prevalent across Facebook, we’ll see them start to roll out to fan pages as well. I’m not sure how the timeline will work for brands, as I think some of the display of information on these pages can get a bit confusing.

Despite that, when the time comes I thought we’d all want to customize that header for our brands/colleges/universities/whatever, so I created a Photoshop document template all set up and ready for you to design with. I laid out the “notch” where your profile picture is inserted by Facebook so you can make sure text or other graphical elements that are important aren’t being covered up.

Here’s a ZIP file.

If you’d also like, here’s a torrent version.

14 thoughts on “Free Facebook Timeline Header Photo Template”

  1. Facebook timeline header quality sucks – complain!
    When uploading your header image for your new Facebook timeline, you will notice an unacceptable quality loss. I will complain with an inferior quality banner (in every aspect) on my timeline until there is less uploading compression provided by Facebook.
    You are welcome to use my banner!

    Download it for free here
    or on my Facebook complaint page

  2. Thanks this is the first Template I have found that has the notch cutout for the picture which I found the GREATEST!!! thanks gonna tell about this on Facebook thanks!!

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