Amazon Lowers Cloud Bandwidth Prices Again

Though they don’t disclose numbers, I’m very much interested in just how much data Amazon moves and stores through their web services. I think that because not only have they lowered prices, they’ve added new pricing tiers for moving over 5 PB of data.



Anyways, starting July 1, new pricing for bandwidth goes into effect:

New data transfer price for US-Standard, US-West and Europe regions (effective July 1, 2011)

  • $0.000 – first 1 GB / month data transfer out
  • $0.120 per GB – up to 10 TB / month data transfer out (10 TB total)
  • $0.090 per GB – next 40 TB / month data transfer out (50TB total)
  • $0.070 per GB – next 100 TB / month data transfer out (150 TB total)
  • $0.050 per GB – next 350 TB / month data transfer out (500 TB total)
  • Contact us – next 524 TB / month data transfer out (1PB total)
  • Contact us – next 4 PB / month data transfer out (5PB total)
  • Contact us – data transfer out / month over 5 PB

According to Amazon, if you were moving 10TB in and 10TB out a month, your bill just went down 50%. Not bad.

CloudFront prices are also going down. For more specifics, visit the AWS Data Transfer Pricing Update detail page.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Lowers Cloud Bandwidth Prices Again”

  1. Well after the big Amazon outage the other month we know a good portion of the startup world runs on Amazon. I’d say that even at HubSpot it’s close to 50%. What we learned most is you have to keep your slave systems mirrored in a different availability zones. If you really want to see someone who does that right check out Netflix and their whole “chaos monkey” process.

    This just shows that Moore’s law also applies to storage space like it does processing power.

  2. I use Amazon S3 for large files.

    Is it possible to register a domain and run a site off amazon S3 or cloudfront only without using a usual web host?

    I can do without PHP and am happy to run with html.



  3. Its nice, I really like to work with Amazon and it so easy to use services using Bucket Explorer as i feel..Its an user friendly tool and it provides lots of services to my satisfy needs with Amazon S3

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