Our HighEdWeb Presentation: WordPress GTFO

Jesse Lavery and I presented today at the HighEdWeb conference in Cincinnati. We talked about all the different things you can do with WordPress – it’s more than just a blogging tool.

We talked about using WordPress as a CMS, magazine, ticketing system, book publishing tool, even a Blackboard/LMS replacement.

Here are the slides from our presentation:

2 thoughts on “Our HighEdWeb Presentation: WordPress GTFO”

  1. Just attended this talk – some new plugins and tips that I hadn’t heard before, so thanks! I’d also be interested to know which drawbacks or stumbling blocks you may have run across when implementing and running WordPress in the examples you gave today, and how you handled them.

    Thanks and congrats on a great talk!

  2. In my notes from your presentation, you mentioned a Dropbox plugin, but I’m not seeing it mentioned in the presentation slides.

    It looks like there are a few of them out there. Do you have a link to the one you’re familiar with?

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