A lipdub on a massive scale from Spain

Ok, every time I post one of these college lipdub videos, I get emails and Twitters saying stop it with the lipdubs. I get it – but this one was pretty interesting. Created by students at the Universitat De Vic in Spain, it takes lipdubs to a new level of planning and people.

What’s remarkable about this video is the sheer scale of it – over 900 people participated in it. That’s pretty astonishing.

I’m going to substract 2 points because there was a cut in the middle, but other than that, nicely done.

Unless a group releases a video that features more than 900 people, or does a lipdub to a song by Slayer or Wu-Tang Clan, I’m not posting it from here on out.

1 thought on “A lipdub on a massive scale from Spain”

  1. Mark Malafarina

    Yeah, that’s pretty epic & fun – nicely done!

    At about 500 people, one might be thinking, “Ok well we worked in about half of the people here. Now what can we do with the other 400?”.

    They could have went with “Raining Blood” or “C.R.E.A.M.” I suppose, but I think UVIC wanted a friendlier sound.

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