Amazon Lowers Outgoing Bandwidth Pricing

Amazon has reduced the cost of bandwidth served out by its various web services, including S3, EC2 and their CloudFront content delivery network. Prices now start at $0.15 USD per GB for the first 10TB. This is down from $0.17USD per GB before.

New prices for everything but CloudFront look like this now:

Level Old Price New Price
First 10 TB per month $0.17/GB $0.15/GB
Next 40 TB per month $0.13 $0.11
Next 100 TB per month $0.11 $0.09
Over 150 TB per month $0.10 $0.08

While it doesn’t sound like a lot, if you are serving out a ton of files from S3, you should see some pretty decent savings. Let’s say you serve out 250GB in a month. Your bill just for outgoing bandwidth would drop from $42.50 to $37.50. Not bad, and the more you serve the more you would save.

You can learn more about the new pricing and more specific CloudFront details over the Amazon Web Services blog.

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