A Dr. Horrible-esque Recruiting Video

And I say Dr. Horrible in the best possible way.

Here’s an admissions video from Yale.

It’s a well-produced, 16-minute (!!) musical production recruiting video full of students, dorms, faculty and even a network news anchor. The coolest part – it was entirely written, recorded, filmed and edited by students. Seriously, watch the whole thing, it’s pretty amazing. The middle part is awesome, showing off campus groups and life.

I didn’t know much about Yale, but after watching this I think I pretty much get what its about and what it can offer students. What a great video.

If you can, watch it full-screen and/or HD.

6 thoughts on “A Dr. Horrible-esque Recruiting Video”

  1. Quite possibly the most awesome thing I’ve watched on youtube tagged “admissions musical.” Love that it was a collaboration that included both undergraduates and alumni. Thanks for the inspiration, Yale. Awesome.

  2. Obviously a large hat tip to the Glee phenomenon here.
    I’m in Australia and have worked in higher ed marketing for nearly 10 years and it’s at times like these I think there’s a lot more than just water separating us.
    I get this and appreciate how well made it is and how much work goes into a video shoot like this but I gotta say, it did make me cringe.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. I completely agree with Todd: the best “admissions musical” I’ve seen (though “Cats” *was* better). And I believe the NYT writer got it wrong, and HigherEdWebTech got it correct: this was produced in the spirit of “Dr. Horrible,” not “High School Musical.” The self-aware irony is the give-away. Perhaps they should have alluded to this more directly (have the bio student wearing long rubber gloves and goggles), but those in the know, know. Which is, of course, Yale’s target audience. Great job, amazing production values. Very inspiring!

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