Fun Web Promotion from the University of San Francisco


Here’s a fun promotional campaign for the University of San Francisco’s basketball program, trying to increase the number of season ticket holders. It’s a mix of customized content, fun video (I thought the t-shirt cannon bit was funny), and it ends with a customized call to you from the coach of the team. All in all, nice work that hopefully will bring some recognition to the college and get some people in the seats.

Of course, something that we as web and marketing folks need to think about is how easy is it for people use my fun marketing tool for evil. It didn’t take long for the SF Weekly blog and Deadspin (both somewhat NSFW) to have some fun with the site. A nugget of wisdom from the SF Weekly:

Still, receiving something from a marketing person who professes “it’s our viral campaign” is kind of like a policeman trying to use “hip language” when lecturing junior high school students on the perils of drug use.