One Way to Promote Your School’s Fan Page

A question I get quite a bit from people at my own institution as well as at conferences and webinars I’ve been doing lately is how do you promote your school’s fan page so that you can get followers.

It’s a great question, and there are quite a few ways to tell people about your fan page. You could advertise it on your site, or print up cards with your fan page URL, but I’ve found a great way to show people is with Facebook’s relatively new Fan box. It’s a little snippet of code you embed on your site to let people know you are on Facebook and they can easily become a fan of your school.

There are several options you can choose – including posting your stream as well as your fans. You can leave both off, but I think seeing people’s names and icons really draws people in. I placed one of these boxes on our college’s intranet page and I’ve seen a steady stream of new fans. I think when our students get back in a few weeks, we’ll really see that number jump up.

As an experiment to see if it really did get people to join, I placed a similar box on another website I run, I made a fan page for it a year ago and it seemed to stay pretty steady about about 60 fans. I never promoted it really, so that was pretty decent. I placed the Fan box front and center on the site and within a week, over 40 people became a fan. Check out this graph:

Picture 2.png

Not too shabby for having spent all of about 2 minutes on the entire project.

Try out a fan box today!

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