Twitter: Your Instant Feedback Machine

Yesterday, I presented a webinar for HigherEdHero dealing with social media – focusing on Twitter and Facebook. Nothing earth-shattering there, but I found myself quickly turning to Twitter get feedback not only after the presentation but often during it.

Here are a few mentions from yesterday, some of which were posted during the presentation.




I’ve followed up with a few people via email and Twitter as well to get some more detailed feedback about what they think I should cover in similar presentations in the future, and the questions I’ve received from Twitter, email and Facebook in the last 12 hours have been great, lots of great ideas, suggestions and feedback.

With pretty much every event, web conference, webinar, seminar and get together being tweeted about (and hashed for easy searching), Twitter is becoming a great tool for self-improvement and growth if you present, though you need a somewhat thick skin.

I’ll be talking about social media at the WhippleHill User Conference in early July. If you’re going to that event, please stop by and say hi.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, you can check out a full listing of my past and upcoming presentations.