IWMW 2009 Event Open For Bookings

The Institutional Web Management Workshop takes place July 28-30, 2009 at the University of Essex in Colchester.

The program has been announced and it looks like a great event, and I’m not just saying that because yours truly is crossing the pond to speak.

Brian Kelly, one of the organizers, blogged this last week about the conference:

Although the event is well-established, having been launched in 1997, the event continues to develop in response to the ever-changing Web environment and the needs and expectations of the Web management community. We will continue to have a number of plenary talks which will provide a shared context for all workshop participants. However this year, in response to feedback we’ve received from previous events, we are splitting the talks (and related workshop sessions) on the second afternoon into two strands: a ‘front-end’ strand which focusses on the services as perceived by the end user and a ‘back-end’ strand which addresses the ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities which are needed in order to deliver the user services.

If you’re attending the event, and I hope the fair number of visitors to this blog from the UK will, I hope you’ll come to my session on Wednesday, July 29. I’ll be doing a hands-on session using Amazon Web Services. We’ll check out S3, Amazon’s storage system and EC2, their servers-on-demand product. It’s going to be a bit to cram into under 2 hours, but I think I can do it.

Registrations for the event are now open and are £350, which includes 2 night accomodations, the program, a bunch of meals, materials and social events.

I’m really looking forward to the conference. The program looks great and I’m really excited to get a new perspective and share some best practices with colleagues from different institutions.

p.s. is it way too nerdy to say I’m also kind of excited to go to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff?