Hello, Nambu

Nambu is a new Twitter client for Mac OS X that burst onto the scene this week and is quickly gaining many fans, myself included.

Let me start by saying I’m a big TweetDeck fan. It’s grouping features and columns make keeping up with the large number of people I follow much easier to do. However, TweetDeck has its limitations. The fact that it can only connect to one account is frustrating, especially for those of us who manage multiple accounts, but if you have just one account, TweetDeck serves its purpose very well.

Twitterific is also a very good app. Again, it’s perfect for a person with 1 account that wants an unobtrusive app to help them follow people. It’s annoying sometimes when it complains about characters in a password (which you’re supposed to do) and there’s no easy way to switch accounts other than quitting and logging back in.

Enter Nambu. It’s a native Mac app (no Adobe Air needed) and it looks and feels like a Mac app. You can have multiple accounts, and it very nicely organizes the accounts in a sidebar. You can quickly jump from account to account, and see replies (or mentions) and direct messages for each account.

You can add the people you follow to groups under each account. So you can create a friends group under your personal account as well as a different one under your college’s account. I can see that being very helpful.

I like the fact that Nambu shows you where people’s redirects point to. Instead of a tinyURL address, you see feedproxy.google.com if its using Feedburner. That’s nice. So is the links sent and received area. I’ve added a screenshot below.

Like TweetDeck, Nambu lets you set up searches for keywords and terms. I like that it shows you at a glance the number of times your term is found. Want multiple columns, like TweetDeck? No problem. If you can think of it, chances are it’s there.

Even though I’ve only been using it a few hours, I’m very impressed with this app, especially for an early beta. This is an app I would gladly pay for, and I hope it continues to be developed and improved.

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  1. Shrop –

    I first deleted all the columns, then added just the ones I wanted in the order I wanted. Took a bit of time, but worth it.

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