Happy Birthday, S3!

Amazon’s Simple Stoiage Service (S3) turns three this week. Over the last year, S3 has grown from 18 billion objects stored to 52 billion. That’s a lot of files and a lot of growth over the last year.

To celebrate, they’re lowering the price on incoming file transfers from $0.10/GB to $0.03/GB, so now’s a good time to try it out and upload some huge files.

From the Amazon Web Services blog:

We owe the success of the service to you, and on the 3rd anniversary of Amazon S3, we’ve decided to say “thank you” with a few more “3s.” We’ll be offering “data transfer in” to Amazon S3 for only $0.03 per GB (vs. the standard $0.10) for the next 3 months, April through June. As always, data transfer between Amazon S3 and EC2 within regions remains free, and all other pricing dimensions are unchanged. At the beginning of July, prices will return to normal, so if you’ve been thinking about moving a new project into Amazon S3, now might be the time.

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  1. Oh. Maybe that’s why some of their services were down for the better part of the day, yesterday. They were preparing for their birthday celebration. 🙂

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